Moroccan Lanterns to Decorate Your House

These lanterns come in various sizes from table top one to ones which are large enough to be hung on the entrance of a mansion. They can have an option to place a candle inside them or can also be wired and use an electric bulb.
Types of Moroccan lanterns
Moroccan lanterns are made from several stained glasses having decorative texture and are deeply tinted. These stained glasses are held using metal framework as a filigree or lattice pattern. When the lantern is lit, it casts elaborate patterns and shadows on the ceiling and walls of the room, giving the room a special ambiance & feel.
One type of Moroccan lamps which are called henna lamps are made out of stretched skin of goats & has exquisite decorative designs. The good thing about these lanterns is that the designs on them are hand painted. Some of the lamps also have saffron and paprika dyes to give them their exquisite looks and create a rustic feel inside the room.
The Various shapes & designs
The floor lamps are made by artisans keeping in mind the religious laws which do not allow for representation of human figures, thus the Moroccan lanterns have different geometric shapes, plant designs, symbols & natural patterns on them. According to traditional beliefs such designs helped in evading evil spirits and also protect the owner of these lanterns.
All the shapes & signs on the Moroccan lamps are basically made to empower and protect the person who owns them. As for example, the lizard represented seeker of sun while patterns of fish represented fertility, water & prosperity.
Which type of Moroccan lantern to purchase?
Whether you select to purchase one of the standing lanterns or the hanging ones, the factor to consider would be the space you have in the room. As an example, in case there is good amount of space in the room, then the area can easily be decorated with many smaller lanterns to create splendid glow in the room.
And if there is not much space then you can go with one large piece that will give a traditional look to the room. You can position the lamp in a corner of the room to get the rustic ambience going.
It would be easy to make a splash at the summer barbecue with smaller hanging lanterns and putting them in the garden.
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